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Sitelutions Security Policy

At Sitelutions, keeping our customers' information safe & secure is our highest priority!

Your User Profile
When a users creates an account with Sitelutions, we collect certain mandatory information (for information on who has access to your personal information, view our privacy policy).  Once information is received, it is stored securely in our database, which is guarded via network & physical security.

Your Billing & Credit Card Information
We offer our users the ability to pay us directly using a major credit card, or to pay us using PayPal payment services.  You can read about PayPal's security practices if you wish to do so.  We only accept credit cards via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  We use the highest level of commercially available SSL encryption (128-bit) to encrypt traffic sent over the Internet.  SSL is extremely widely used on the Internet, and is extremely secure.  Once your billing information reaches our server, it is validated. 

If your card is valid, and the initial authorization is successful, we may store your credit card information on our server for future automated billing.  Before being stored, your credit card information is encrypted using PKI 2048-bit strong encryption. Most security experts might even consider this overkill, but we say "better safe than sorry." Once encrypted, your credit card information cannot be decrypted by our web server or database server.  Even if security to our web server or database server were to be compromised, it would be virtually impossible to decrypt any credit card information.  Billing information can only be decrypted by our billing server, upon which resides the private key necessary to decrypt your information.  The billing server has no direct connectivity to the Internet, and is located in a secure building with monitored security systems. 

Put simply, even if we were to post your encrypted credit card number on the front page of, or if the world's top computer scientists were able to hack into our database server, it would take hundreds of thousands of years, using a cluster of today's supercomputers, to decrypt your data.  Now that's secure!  In layman's terms, sending a payment to Sitelutions with your credit card is far more secure than using your credit card at a restaurant, store, or mail order catalog.

Network & Physical Protection
Our servers sit behind an electronic firewall.  Our firewall limits connectivity to our database server so that only those located physically within our premises can access the server using SSH, a secure access protocol.  Our servers reside in secure, guarded buildings with monitored security systems.