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Sitelutions was originally known as "OnTheWeb Services", located at from its inception in 1998 until March 2003.

We developed OnTheWeb primarily as a URL Redirection service, providing Internet users with easier-to-remember web addresses for their sites. OnTheWeb underwent a major redesign in late 1999 to support the amazing amount of growth that it experienced since its beginnings.

"The New OnTheWeb" was designed to support hundreds of thousands of users. It also supported e-mail forwarding, autoresponders, and other features that were not built-in to the original release. "The New OnTheWeb" was also the first and only completely free, ad-free URL Redirection Service. OnTheWeb continued to grow at an even faster rate since the redesign.

In mid-2002 we had spent a great amount of time, money, and energy on OnTheWeb. We had also received hundreds of compliments from grateful users. We realized that OnTheWeb was a very valuable service, but realized that we'd have to make it profitable if we were going to continue to offer such a valuable service. And then, Sitelutions was born! Sitelutions would replace OnTheWeb, but would offer many more features to Internet users.

In the tradition of OnTheWeb, Sitelutions would continue to offer free URL Redirection. Sitelutions would also offer free DNS, free Dynamic DNS and extremely inexpensive Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting. Sitelutions would offer a very high level of redundancy and reliability; there's no single point of failure for our site ( or our URL redirection and DNS services. Attempting to be even more generous, Sitelutions decided to donate a percentage of profits to charities chosen by our users. Not too many companies make such a bold pledge, but we're proud to do so. In October, 2014, after offering free DNS and redirection for about 14 years, Sitelutions was forced to shutdown free DNS and redirection.

And so, in March 2003, OnTheWeb became Sitelutions - Solutions For Your Site, All In One PlaceTM