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Application Programming Interface

The API has been designed to provide an enhanced level of functionality and flexibility to advanced DNS users. With this system, it is now possible to perform bulk updates, update records without signing into the Sitelutions website, and even create custom applications designed to interact with the Sitelutions DNS system.

The API is constantly under development, and may be prone to updates. However, we will always announce all updates through the site, as well as update the command list located in the API guide above, at the same time as the release. Also bear in mind that any update could issue changes to current functions (such as parameter additions), potentially disrupting services. We will do our best to ensure that this scenario does not happen, and that full backwards-compatibilty is maintained when changes are made. We will also highlight any changes within a changelog in the event that service-impacting modifications become inevitable.

API Access
Gaining access to the API requires a subscription to the Sitelutions Insider's Club with Premium DNS. Unfortunately, this also means that termination of the membership will automatically terminate API access. Luckily, being a member offers many additional benefits; from discounts to increased services to greater support. Visit the club page for more information, and to sign up for API access today.

Resource Locations

Samples Scripts & Libraries

PHP Class (to be used with PHP script below)

PHP Script (to be used with PHP class above)