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Sitelutions Membership Levels

There are multiple levels of membership with Sitelutions. The most common and basic one is the "Free Membership", followed by the "Insider's Club", and finally the "Insider's Club with Premium DNS". Each of these three levels are unique in the benefits and services they provide, though some have a recurring membership fee to maintain the benefits. Below are some of the definitions of our more specialized membership services.
Membership Services Definitions
Hosting Discount Club membership offers a flat 10% discount across all hosting accounts you purchase, which goes on top of whatever other discount you may be eligible for.
Hosting Addon Discount Purchasing and renewing hosting addons and upgrades, such as an IP address, now may have a discount applied to them for all Club members.
Domain Discount Members also get the benefit of a domain registration discount, which is calculated depending on how many years is purchased. The more years, the larger the discount.
Domain Privacy Discount Domain Privacy is a service where a domain name owner can protect their public WHOIS information while still being able to receive important communication regarding their domain name. Members can enjoy a 75% discount when purchasing or renewing this service.
Backup Mail Discount A club membership also confers a 50% discount on any and all backup mail slot purchases, including Mail Port Forwarding.
Exclusive Sales Promotions Only club members will be eligible to take advantage of special sales and promotions launched by Sitelutions. From further discounts, to new services free trials, to free services altogether.
InstaReg Domain Registration Normally, domains take roughly 24 hours to purchase, queue, and finally register. With InstaReg, the registration request bypasses the regular queue, and is created instantly, and in real time.
Domain InsiderTrading Club members will be able to easily move domains between their accounts at any time they want, instantly. This is especially helpful to users with hundreds of domains, and multiple accounts to organize them all.
Dynamic DNS Minimum TTL Normal minimum TTL's for DNS records are set to 21,600 seconds, or six hours. Membership can enhance this number, and allow a minimum of 5 second TTL's for all records in the account.
Queries Per Month Free members who have not purchased any hosting are limited to 500,000 DNS Queries per month. A fully upgraded club membership modifies this limitation to allow 20 million queries per month.
DNS API Access Club members will also have access to the API, meaning that they will be able to create custom software made for updating any of their DNS records.
DNS FastUpdate Interface This feature will be available in Q2 2010.
Hosting Phone Support Club members are given an extra 2 phone support slots to each hosting account they have purchased.
DNS Phone Support Normally, DNS support is handled primarily through email, with deep investigations requiring an hourly consultation rate of $75. Premium DNS Club Membership waives this hourly consultation rate, allowing us to help you solve your complex DNS problems without incurring extra support charges.
Site Monitor Club members also have access to a statistical site and presence monitoring tool, completely free.