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Sitelutions Redirection provides your site with a free easy-to-remember address that never changes!

That's right -- if your site has a hard-to-remember address, or if you switch ISPs frequently, Sitelutions Redirection is the perfect solution.  If friends and business contacts have a hard-time remembering your site's URL, you can use Sitelutions to provide you with a free, easy-to-remember subdomain URL.  If you'd rather purchase a domain for $7.95/year, you can easily redirect this new domain to your existing site, without making any changes to your site.

Here are the details:

Enter name.
Choose top-level or free extension (subdomain).

Wait, is it really free?
Sitelutions provides redirection services completely FREE OF CHARGE!  We only ask that you login to your Sitelutions account at least once per month so that we know that you are actively using Sitelutions. For accounts that have been inactive for over one month, we will begin to show mostly inobtrustive pop-under advertisements.

What about E-Mail?
The Sitelutions URL & DNS Control Center allows you to choose how your mail is handled. If you have an optional Sitelutions SpaceTM account, you can use that to forward (redirect) e-mail going to your Sitelutions subdomain or domain name to your existing e-mail address. Sitelutions SpaceTM also provides actual e-mail accounts, for POP3, IMAP, and web-based mail retrieval. Click here for more information on Sitelutions SpaceTM. If you run your own server, or your ISP is willing to host mail for you, you can use Sitelutions DNS to setup customize MX records for your subdomain or domain name.

* We ask you to contact us if your site will get beyond 10,000 redirect hits per day or 300,000 hits monthly. Also, while we currently offer redirection as a free service and have no plans to charge, we reserve the right to revoke this offering at any time.